Valentine’s Day Celebrations and Gifts – Truly Special all over the World

Valentine’s Day CelebrationEach country honours its love saints who protect all those courting, in marriage, or to date one day. But the day when presents are given, when flowers are sent, and cards are exchanged vary from one country to another. As well as traditions of celebrating the romantic day.

In Japan there are special Valentine’s Days for women and men. At first women present chocolate for men (note, there are different kinds for sweethearts and for collegeagues, friends, or relatives: the former is given hon-mei and the latter eats kiri-choco). Then one month later, on 14 March, men in return present women with chocolate. As a rule white chocolate is chosen, because this day is known as the White Day.

In Britain St. Valentine’s Day and presents are highly personalized. As a rule each person in relationship takes time to create a verse or a poem, to make a card, and to give a unique present to his or her honey. The United Kingdom is a very romantic country, as St. Valentine’s Day approaches, more and more tabloids, magazines, journals, TV programs, and shows get devoted to this amazing day citing the most incredible love declarations.

On the smallest continent Valentine’s cards are the most unique, Australian men make or order unbelievable cards to their beloved. As a rule each card is a masterpiece consisting of a cushion, flowers, chocolates, sea-shelves, ribbons, and many many more. It’s an established business in Australia to make the most expensive Valentine cardsin the world.

In Scandinavian countries St. Valentine’s day is celebrated at home or at restaurants meaning a candle lit dinner with a bottle of champagne and chocolates; a red rose is a leading symbol.

In Finland it’s a custom to give presents to all your friends. It’s the day of appreciating the company of those who support you. In Slovenia St. Valentine’s day means the beginning of spring, though the love day is celebrated on 12 March.

As you see celebrations and traditions of St. Valentine’s differ from country to country, but love loses nothing. May your love be as strong and engaging as a hurricane. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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