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Hi World,

This is my first post on AceMila’s Blog!!!


I’m extremely excited to start a new blog hoping that you will like coming here and will become my sincere friends!

Yeah, there is a blog. But what am I going to write here about? I’ll tell you a story and you will see what is my niche 😉

Yesterday a friend of mine called me and said that she had parted with her boy-friend 😦 Oh, Gosh, poor she!!! Yep, and they were dating for almost four years, they even lived together.

So why did they break? They just got that love was over, and only a habit connected them. Sadly… But this is life…

She is in dispair… She understands that relationships won’t be the same, they have parted… But she got used to him… and now she just isn’t sure that she will meet that guy she can fall in love with…

Surely, one day she will 100% meet that very guy who will adore her, whom she will love… But before that day some there is enough time for my friend, for you, and me to become confident pros in charming and attracting men (and women – for men) … (and to move that anticipated day to earlier time)!!!

Welcome aboard Love Ship heading to a Mutual Love, Understanding, and Happy Life island!

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